lunedì 21 marzo 2011

Comunicato Gathering 2011 ENGLISH VERSION

1-3 Aprile, Umbria, Italy
more info:
THREE-DAY HIGH SUSTAINABILITY 'share experiences, ideas and emotions.

Accommodation: The event will be held in the soil of a large farmhouse where a space will be set up tents, bathrooms compost, rainwater. (The exact location, easily accessible by train, will be announced one week before the gathering).

Meal: The food (lunch and dinner) will be cooked on the farm and will be vegetarian or vegan and organic as possible and km0.
Workshops and activities: workshops and activities will be organized on a voluntary basis. These include: the introduction of direct action, recognize plants and trees, hiking in the woods, tree climbing, sustainable living, natural medicine and more. We are trying to organize sessions of kayaking or rafting in the area. Anyone can join the program by adding activities and workshops with the aim of making it more diverse and can be shared. (Early in the detailed program).

Evening program and music: In the evening there will be opportunities to sing, play and dance. If you are a musician / artist and you want to propose in the evening program, send us an email from now.
Part of the action: There will be moments in which to plan campaigns and practical actions at local level. If you are interested in joining EF! you're already one of us!.

We are all part of the staff. The event's success will also depend on you. Every morning there will be a short meeting to discuss and manage the day. If you want advice or an offer you can send us an email now. To facilitate the organization and success of the gathering everyone is asked to confirm its presence by March 28th by sending an e-mail name or nickname, city, arrival and departure, any requirements or needs.

Bring ...
Bring tent and sleeping bag in winter. Please note that the temperature may drop during the night why it is comfortable to wear dresses and sweaters. Remember the hiking boots and a Swiss boxcutter. Will be reported for those who bring their own mountain-biking, paths and trails.

The place is in central Italy. High sustainability also means avoiding taking the car if not needed, why you should reach the place by other means (train or bus).

Dogs are welcome. Despite what the wearer will be responsible for
ensure that our friends do not disturb or affect the activity or meal times. Being outdoors is the place the risk that the dog can be removed.

The share price is 30 € for the whole gathering and includes:
- Tent
- Food
- Activities
- Other

The funds will be used exclusively for the organization of the gathering itself. The precise location of the gathering will be announced one week before the event. Anyone interested in taking part in the gathering is asked to confirm your participation (sending an email with your full name and date of arrival) a week earlier in order to better coordinate the event.

EARTH FIRST! FOR US! What does make a gathering, not a meeting, a conference, a country fair ...
A gathering, not a rally.
The event is open to all interested people to nature and ecology. There are not ideological selections, as long as you agree with tolerance and respect for all diversity, whether natural, physical or spiritual. One need not be militants or activists to participate but have the desire to share ideas for 3 days, experiences, emotions.

A gathering, not a conference.
In moments of discussion will be those who will confront individuals and non-current, groups, collectives. Earth First! being an anti-authoritarian movement and has opened itself antibodies against sectarianism and as a basis to compare different positions, from the most moderate to the most radical. We are all part of the staff!

A gathering, not a country fair.
For the success of the event requires the commitment of all in the conduct of the workshops, meals and program. Greater responsibility will physical activities such as treeclimbing in regard to common areas like the forest and in accordance with the farm that hosts us. Anyone can propose activities or workshops, submit information campaigns or fight, or to distribute communications material reported to date from now in order to facilitate the event. Every morning there will be a metting in which coordinate the management of the day.